Affiliations – About NAPS

As the personnel services profession grew, the need for national representation became more evident and ultimately the National Association of Personnel Services emerged. Originally, the National Employment Association (NEA) was created from two older organizations, laying the cornerstone for what would become the National Association of Personnel Consultants (NAPC), which then became the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) in 1961.

The association was formed to represent our profession in critical legislative arenas in Washington, D.C., provide legislative guidance and aid in states where government affairs challenges exist, create a structure of ethical practices for industry self-regulation, increase public and business awareness of the value of personnel services, and to educate members and non-members towards better practices and the maintenance of high professional standards.

With the formation of NAPS, education and training of practitioners took on a national dimension. NAPS began to conduct annual conferences and seminars to bring needed help and training to individuals, owners, and managers across the United States.

The National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) has been the staffing industry educator since 1961 and enjoys its reputation as the oldest industry association. NAPS continues to maintain the position as the search and staffing industry educator through its certification program, continuing education initiatives, eLearning and annual conference. For almost 50 years NAPS has been dedicated to creating a better understanding and cooperation among personnel services practitioners, clients, and candidates.