Candidate Services

Finding career opportunities is a full-time job. The Technology industry encompasses thousands of businesses; from a startup in an emerging technology to a $20B Enterprise software giant.  It’s our job to keep in daily contact with senior hiring officials and be the first recruiter they partner with for current as well as up-coming positions in their organization.  Of equal importance, we need to keep the candidates we are working with knowledgeable about the positions for which they are hiring.  It’s a huge industry – and that’s exactly why you need Corporate Dynamix and David Sterenfeld to help you navigate the Technology maze.

Details count when you are considering a career change. Making a move to a new company is a major decision.  Corporate Dynamix ensures that a candidate has all the details about the company, position, job history, opportunity for growth, and more particulars, so they can digest it all and make an educated and sound decision.

Sometimes getting the job offer is the easy part. At Corporate Dynamix we know that working out the details of a job offer can be an uncomfortable situation for some people.Therefore, we can communicate all negotiable items between you and the company when the time is right.  We will discuss salary, vacation, title, benefits, compensation plans, etc. and take the pressure off of you.

We understand the value of confidentiality. When a candidate decides to place a resume on file with Corporate Dynamix they can be confident that their resume will never leave our office without their knowledge and approval.  We do not mass mail resumes.  Every candidate works personally with David Sterenfeld, and is guaranteed the time, personal attention and guidance in your next career move as well as throughout the length of your career.

Experience – Professionalism – Communication – Confidentiality