Why Hire Corporate Dynamix?

Choosing a Search Partner

There are many things that differentiate Corporate Dynamix from other executive search firms – which will be readily apparent to potential clients in our first conversation.  Our clients have decided to put a key position or group of positions out for search. They hope to attract the best talent and yet these people are not looking.  But the reality that frequently the top candidates are not actively conducting a job search doesn’t mean they are fulfilled, or wouldn’t make a move.  This is where the selection of a search partner is so critical.  We’ve worked with many of our candidates their entire careers and maintain active dialogues with them, whether they are looking to make a change or not. The Corporate Dynamix recruiting process unleashes their imagination, and opens the power of the possible.

Corporate Dynamix and David Sterenfeld hold to the philosophy that an outstanding recruiter must provide outstanding service to both employer and candidate, through an in-depth understanding of the employer’s products, needs and corporate culture; careful screening of each candidate’s credentials, background and references; a precise pairing of the right candidate to the right position; clear and concise communication to the employer of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses; and persistent follow-up throughout the search process.  “This is a service business“ says David, “and I have to bring exceptional value to everything I do for my clients and candidates.”

The selection of the best search partner is simplified, of course, if you have an existing relationship with a firm that knows your company, its people, and its hiring practices, and has delivered in the past on positions comparable to the new position(s).  If not, the next best step is to seek referrals from people you trust who have worked with a variety of recruitment firms of similar searches.

Whether you talk to one firm or several, these few basic considerations will guide you toward the right search partner:

  • How urgent is your hiring need?
  • How senior is the position within your organization?
  • How broad geographically do you want the search to be?
  • How do you want your company and the position to be represented to candidates?
  • How involved in the hiring process do you expect your recruiter(s) to be?
  • How much can you afford to pay and how do you want to pay for it?

Once you’ve decided what factors apply to your position you can begin the process of contacting firms to determine the type of firm – and the type of relationship – you are likely to be comfortable with. Let Corporate Dynamix put our 25 years of recruiting expertise to work for you.

Our Goal: To Find the Best Talent in the Shortest Time Possible and Secure that Talent for Our Clients.