Employer References

“I have known David for many years and consider him to an expert in Enterprise Software Sales recruiting. David knows virtually everyone who is anyone in the industry. In addition to his expertise, I value David’s judgment, his work-ethic, his follow-through, and his integrity. For the past several years, David and his colleagues at MDSI have been the only outside recruiters that Google Enterprise has used to assist with the hiring of top-notch Enterprise salespeople.
David has my highest recommendation.”
Mark Flessel
Director, Western Region – Enterprise Division

“Whenever we have a need for external recruiting resources at MicroStrategy, Corporate Dynamix and David Sterenfeld are where we go first. David takes the time to understand our business and requirements, has a deep network in the sales arena, and is consultative in his approach. Not only does he provide services to MicroStrategy, but more importantly, he is an industry expert and a trusted advisor to our firm.”
Brian Riley
Senior Recruiter

“If you are a hiring manager or inside recruiter for sales or sales management positions, you are missing a connection to the best candidate database in the West if you aren’t working with David. In addition, he can usually add historical commentary about the individual and the companies or situations they have been involved in due to his 20 year perspective. I have trusted his judgment to help me make decisions over all of that time — one of my few ‘go-to’ recruiters.”
Maureen Thomas
Sales Manager

“David Sterenfeld is in an elite group of peers when it comes to top producing recruiters. He is a seasoned professional with a passion for his clients and someone who cares about much more than his bottom line. He understands that business is about long-term relationships and caring for the people you work with. I’d recommend him highly.”
Gary Stauble
President and Infopreneur
The Recruiting Lab

“I’ve known and worked with David for many years… both to investigate new opportunities for myself as well as for help in finding candidates for my teams. David embodies all that I would expect in a business partner. He’s hard working, honest and responsive. He is not only easy to work with, but is also very well connected. If David cannot help you directly, he will connect you with someone who can. I would not think of undertaking a candidate search without utilizing David Sterenfeld and Corporate Dynamix.”
Jeff Kisylia
Director, Sales Development
Lithium Technologies

(David placed Jeff in 2009 and then recruited for Jeff as a hiring manager)

“David is a straight shooter. I appreciate his honesty and integrity. He has significant knowledge of the industry and market. David has been a sounding board and someone I trust. He has helped me make great hiring decisions and he has helped secure candidates that he did not submit. He is a pleasure to work with, professional and fun; truly a valued business partner. David is the ‘go to guy’ when you are seeking any level of Software Sales Talent on the West Coast.”
Andrew Carges
Group Manager
Siebel Systems, Inc.

“Having utilized David’s services to build out a Western region sales team, it is clear David takes the time to identify the success criteria of a given organization and then vet the appropriate candidates to service the need. In a highly saturated recruiting market, this is not a given and differentiation is often difficult. Yet what sets David apart from others is that he takes the time to understand the tangibles and intangibles of both the companies he recruits for and the people he forms relationships with. He is extremely thorough, on-time and very realistic with the expectations he sets from the get-go.  David is a no-nonsense professional that takes the time to put people in the best position to be successful. I would highly recommend his services.”
John Sovik
Director, Western Regional Sales
Kalido, Inc.

“Dave is a top notch recruiter. He has always found our company the right candidate for the job. I am particularly impressed with his thoughtfulness (and attention to detail) in matching a candidate’s background and track record with the requirements for the job. I attribute my successes to the teams he has helped me put together. I have worked with David for over 20 years and will continue to do so. He is one of the best.”
Tom Maneloveg
Sales Leader

“I have had the pleasure of working with David on several occasions. His firm had been contracted to assist with PeopleSoft’s need to identify and recruit top producing talent for our sales organizations. David was always quick to respond and support our needs. Moreover, David’s deep understanding of our business, our uncompromising requirements for candidate profiles, and his dedication to our needs allowed him to operate exclusively on our requirements whenever his services where requested. His knowledge of the industry and marketplace at that time, was at the pinnacle of executive search practitioners in this space, and still is today.”

“During my time with PeopleSoft we eliminated most search firms with the exception of those that consistently delivered results. David was one of those selected, developing a partnership with PeopleSoft which lasted through the sale to Oracle.”
Marc Branca
Manager, Recruiting

“I have worked closely with David over the past couple of years. He has helped find sales reps for me as a hiring manager and has also helped me find a new career for myself. David’s genuine interest in helping me determine my career aspirations, and his extensive professional connections give him great insight in evaluating where I might be a ‘best fit.’ His advice and perspective about how I can best enhance my marketability are an asset to me on a regular basis. David’s frankness has been invaluable to me in my own goal setting and he is a great sounding board. He is a pleasure to work with and is always accessible. David Sterenfeld carries my highest recommendation.”
Neta Bikovsky
Regional Sales Manager
Software AG

(David recruited for Neta as a hiring manager in 2009 and then placed Neta)